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Yu Darvish I Love Yu Shirt

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Another postulate favoring the high-altitude flying theory was that the wonderful vision of birds was their sole guidance during migratory flights; and to keep landmarks in view the birds were obliged to fly high, particularly when crossing wide areas of water. This will be considered in greater detail under Orientation, so here it will be sufficient to say that birds rely only in part upon vision to guide them on migration.

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Also, it is to be remembered that there are definite physical limitations to the range of visibility even under perfect atmospheric conditions. Chief of these is the curvature of the earth’s surface. Thus, if birds crossing the Gulf of Mexico to Louisiana and Florida flew at a height of 5 miles, they would still be unable to see a third of the way across. And yet this trip is made twice each year by thousands of thrushes, warblers, and others.


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