Respect Defend Support Believe Protect Black Women Shirt

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Respect Defend Support Believe Protect Black Women Shirt

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In the discussion of the migration of the Arctic tern it was noted that this species makes a very distinct west-to-east movement across northern Canada, continuing the flight eastward across the Atlantic Ocean toward the western coast of Europe. It seems likely that there are other species, including the parasitic jaeger, that regularly breed in the northern part of the Western Hemisphere but migrate back to the Old World for their winter sojourn. Some others, as the red-legged kittiwake and Ross’s gull, remain near the Arctic region throughout the year, retreating southward in winter only a few hundred miles. The emperor goose in winter is found only a relatively short distance south of its breeding grounds, and eider ducks, although wintering in latitudes well south of their nesting areas, nevertheless remain farther north than do the majority of other species of ducks.

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The routes followed by these birds are chiefly coastwise, and in the final analysis may be considered as being tributary either to the Atlantic or to the Pacific coast routes. The passage of gulls, ducks, the black brant, and other water birds at Point Barrow, Alaska, and at other points on the Arctic coast, has been noted by several observers, and from present knowledge it may be said that the best defined Arctic route in North America is the one that follows around the coast of Alaska.


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