LGBT You’ve Got An Ally In Me Shirt

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LGBT You’ve Got An Ally In Me Shirt

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It has been frequently observed that migrating birds have a tendency to follow major topographic lines on the earth’s surface when their trend is in the general direction of the birds’ journey. Bird migration is generally thought of as a north-and-south movement, with the lanes of heavier concentration following the coasts, mountain ranges, and principal river valleys. To a considerable extent this is the case, particularly in North America, where the coast lines, mountain chains, and larger rivers in general run north and south. In cases where the migration is a long one, however, the notion must be abandoned that the birds’ flight is always restricted to narrow routes that follow river valleys and the like, as many species seem to disregard utterly such apparently good natural highways.

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For example, the Arkansas River has a general east-and-west course for a great part of its length, and while it does constitute a route for many perching birds en route from the Mississippi Valley to the Rocky Mountain region, some of the hawks and many ducks and shore birds pay the valley scant attention. They may arrest the autumn journey to feed among the cottonwoods or along sand bars, but when ready to resume their flight they leave the river and fly directly south over the more or less arid region that lies between the Arkansas and the Rio Grande.


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