Easily Distracted By Big Butts Thick Thighs Shirt

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Easily Distracted By Big Butts Thick Thighs Shirt

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There probably is no single aspect of the entire subject of bird migration that challenges our admiration so much as the unerring certainty with which birds cover thousands of miles of land and water to come to rest in exactly the same spot where they spent the previous summer or winter. The records from birds marked with numbered bands offer abundant proof that the same individuals of many species will return again and again to their identical nesting sites.

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These data show also that many individuals migrate in fall over the same route, year after year, making the same stops and finally arriving at the precise thicket that served them in previous winters. The faculty that enables these birds to point their course accurately over vast expanses of land and water may, for want of a better term, be called a “sense of direction.” Man recognizes this sense in himself, though usually it is imperfect and frequently at fault.


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