Daws Angeles Awesome Dawsome Shirt

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Daws Angeles Awesome Dawsome Shirt

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After spending the entire month of May feeding and resting in various parts of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the eastern segment of the brant population suddenly resumes its journey by crossing to the north shore of the St. Lawrence estuary. The Bay of Seven Islands, in this general region, is the point of departure for long overland flights that are made by the two segments of the population. The eastern and larger of these appears to fly almost due north to Ungava Bay and from there to nesting grounds, probably in Baffin Island and Greenland.

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The smaller segment travels a route that is but slightly north of west to the southeastern shores of James Bay, although somewhere to the east of that area some of the flocks take a more northwesterly course, descending the Fort George River to reach the eastern shore of James Bay about two-thirds of the distance north of its southern extremity. Upon their arrival at either of these two points on James Bay, the brant of this western segment turn northward and proceed through the eastern part of Hudson Bay to their breeding grounds, probably in western Baffin Island, Southampton Island, and other islands in the Canadian Arctic.


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