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Art Inspires My Style Shirt

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As the Labrador Peninsula in spring is bound by frost and shrouded in fog while the season advances rapidly through the interior, the oceanic route proved useful only in fall, and the spring flight continued through the Mississippi Valley. This outline, although entirely hypothetical, gives a probable and fairly plausible explanation of the origin of this wonderful route, particularly when it is remembered that migration routes as now known are evolutions glong modifications of other routes.

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The evolution of the migration route of the Pacific golden plover may be explained in a similar fashion. At first the route probably followed the Asiatic coast, through the Malay Peninsula and Oceania, thence east in a great curve to the Low Archipelago, with individuals and flocks dropping out to winter at many points along the way. The Siberian birds probably continue to follow this ancient highway, but those nesting in Alaska began a long evolutionary series of flights that cut down the length of their journey by shortening the curve, until finally the transoceanic route of the present day was developed.


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