All Lives Can’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter Shirt

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All Lives Can’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter Shirt

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In September 1948, bird students were startled by news of the wholesale destruction of Maryland yellowthroats, redstarts, ovenbirds, and others that were dashed against the 1,250-foot high Empire State Building in New York City, the 491-foot high Philadelphia Saving Fund Society Building in Philadelphia, and the 450-foot high WBAL radio tower in Baltimore. In New York the birds continued to crash into the Empire State Building over a 6-hour period and their bodies were scattered over a four-block area. The mortality was so heavy in Philadelphia that it was impossible to use the sidewalk below the sky-scraper until the birds had been gathered. A study of the weather conditions prevailing at this time in the Atlantic coastal region suggests the probable cause of this catastrophe.

All Lives Can’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter Shirt, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, Tank Top, Hoodie…

By early morning on September 11 a mass of cold, southward-flowing air had just reached New York City where it was forcing upward and was being overridden by a mass of warm, northward-flowing air. Presumably the migrants were riding the upper levels of the southbound current which, in the contact zone with the northbound current, was being deflected earthward, thus causing the birds to fly lower and lower until they were below the tower of the Empire State Building. Clouds and gusty winds in the zone of contact between the two air masses reduced visibility and disrupted avian navigation with the result that the confused travelers crashed into the stone and steel obstruction. As the cold air mass continued to move southward, the situation was repeated at Philadelphia and at Baltimore.


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